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Applications: Ground Protection Mats for Temporary Roads and Events

Multiarena robuste løsninger for kjøreplater er godt egnet til å lage midlertidige veier for idrettsarrangementer, festivaler og andre større arrangementer. De er også ideelle for utendørs arrangementer som juletreplasser og messer.

  • Construction Projects: Ground protection mats protect the surface from potential damage by heavy vehicles and equipment. They help reduce dust and mud, enhance safety, and ensure efficient mobility on construction sites while simultaneously offering a sturdy foundation for heavier machinery. This is particularly relevant in larger construction projects spanning several months where constant traffic from trucks and cranes might result in significant wear on the surface. By implementing ground protection mats in such areas, damages are prevented, and working conditions are improved, ensuring safer and more stable access for both personnel and equipment.
  • Sports Arenas: Ground protection mats can be used to create temporary roads, protect grass and other sensitive surfaces during events, and provide a stable surface for equipment and pedestrians.
  • Festivals and Events: Employing these robust elements contributes to a stable and secure surface for both participants and equipment, simultaneously guarding the surface against damages. Ground protection mats also offer a quick solution for temporary roads and parking areas. During events like football matches and concerts, it's crucial to shield the pitch from damage. They are an essential tool to address challenges and enhance site logistics and safety. For instance, at music festivals like the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, ground protection mats are frequently used to craft temporary roads and pathways to safely guide visitors, especially in unpredictable weather.
  • Exhibition Halls: Ground protection mats are crucial in protecting floors and providing a safe, stable surface for both exhibitors and visitors. During events like trade fairs and exhibitions, where heavy equipment and large crowds are present, the mats significantly prevent damages and accidents. Their utilization ensures everyone and every equipment in the exhibition area moves safely and efficiently on a robust surface.
  • Christmas Tree Lots and Similar Outdoor Events: They provide a stable surface for vehicles and equipment, safeguarding the ground against damage and wear. In popular Christmas markets, the mats can protect grass and gravel areas from damages due to heavy traffic.
  • Temporary Roads and Events: Ground protection mats are ideal for temporary roads, especially in terrains challenging to navigate, like wetlands and coastal areas. They were extensively utilized during oil extraction in North Dakota, USA, aiming to form access roads on soft and unstable grounds.
  • Construction and Building Sites: By deploying these robust solutions, support and protection are provided for heavy vehicles and construction equipment working on uneven or soft terrains.
  • Surface Protection:Ground protection mats can be placed over vulnerable surfaces, like lawns, gravel, or asphalt, aiming to shield them from damages by heavy vehicles or construction equipment.
  • Emergency and Rescue Operations: Ground protection mats can be quickly set up to provide emergency services and rescue personnel access to accident sites or areas hard to reach due to uneven terrains or adverse conditions.
  • Military Operations: In military endeavors, these robust elements can be a vital resource where rapid and stable access to various regions is crucial for success.
  • Agriculture and Forestry:Ground protection mats can be employed in farming and forestry to protect soil and vegetation from damages by heavy vehicles and machines. They also enhance accessibility in wet or uneven areas.

Ground protection mats are incredibly versatile and can contribute to efficiency, safety, and sustainability in various industries and situations. They are essential on construction sites to protect the underlying surface, prevent damage, and improve accessibility for heavy vehicles and equipment.

At events and festivals, these mats can quickly and efficiently create safe and stable temporary roads and parking spaces. They play a vital role in protecting sensitive surfaces like grass and asphalt.

For emergency and rescue services, ground protection mats can be lifesaving. They can be swiftly installed to provide safe and stable access to accident sites, even in challenging terrains. In military operations, ground protection mats provide quick and stable access to areas, which can be critical for success.

In agriculture and forestry, ground protection mats can be highly beneficial by protecting the soil and vegetation from damages caused by heavy machines and vehicles and improving accessibility in areas with wet or uneven terrains.

In summary, ground protection mats can be a valuable tool in many different situations and industries. Therefore, it's crucial to consider their use in projects located in areas that require protection of the underlying surface, improve accessibility for heavy vehicles and equipment, or create temporary roads and parking spaces.


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Multiarena boasts a broad assortment of ground protection mats suitable for temporary construction sites, parking lots, and event venues. Their range includes DuraDeck Mats, Signa Road Mats, MegaDeck Rig Mats, and mobile flooring systems, all meticulously crafted to shield vulnerable areas like lawns, parks, gardens, wetlands, and beachfronts. These durable products can endure heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions and are straightforward to install and dismantle. Customized solutions are available to cater to your specific needs, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

The ground protection mats are constructed from high-density HDPE and feature specialized fillers to ensure strength and longevity.

Beskyttelsesplatene kan brukes til å lage en midlertidig vei, parkeringsplass eller arbeidsplattform for de tyngste kranene og anleggsmidlene slik at man unngår skade på underlaget.

Multiarena's protection mats can support weights up to 600 psi (42.18 kg/cm2).

Yes, they are simple to clean, store, and transfer to the subsequent job site.