DuraDeck ground protection mats

DuraDeck is deisgned for vehicle puposes, hardened plastic material, with unique properties. The modules handles static pressure up to 80 tonnes, and is delivered in a standard size of 122x244x1.5cm (48x96x0.59in), and weighs not more than 39kg (86lbs).

DuraDeck is highly weather resistant and can handle extreme cold and heat. DuraDeck has been tested for +/- 40'C (-40'F to 104'F) without harming it's properties. 

DuraDeck plates are highly durable and designed for repeated use. The mats does not splinter, crack or tear appart. DuraDeck is solid and flexible.

DuraDeck is resistant to both weather and chemicals and contains UV-additives wich prevents harm from sunlight.

DuraDeck comes with a warranty of 7 years.

Increased accessability, and solid ground Protection

These are some examples, where Multiarena's DuraDeck will benefit both you and your substrate:

  • Lawns, parks, garden facilities
  • Sports arenas, sports halls
  • Asphalt, cobblestone, sand, gravel
  • Beach areas
  • Bare land, national parks
  • Forrest land, peat and bog

DuraDecks durability

DuraDeck mats are produced in a very high standard. Super strong high density polyenthylene plastic (Virgin HDPE) is utilized in every plate, and are constructed in one and the same casting process. 

There are no weak points to break, splinter or separate

The constuction prevents shards, pieces or splinter to occur.

DuraDeck has a superior quality in comparison to similar products wich to a costumer can look identical, but may be prodused with recycled material. The weakest among them are those who use different types of recycled plastic; where they are not fully compatible, and may cause weak points for breaking, splinters or deformation. 

DuraDeck on wet land

It is recomended that a continuous area of plates are used, and is enforced by iron hooks. each plate has fabricated holes wich makes joining each of them together a simple task in all directions. Tools are not necessary. The result is a joined, solid, vehicle friendly work platform.

How much you can load will be dependent on the consistency of the surface.

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Signature benefits

Product guide

DD1 - Coarse / Coarse

The double sided coarse suface structure fits heavy equipment and difficult conditions. A coarse grooved pattern aginst the ground, will make the mats bury themselves a little into the ground when loaded, this gives extra fastening.

The coarse pattern on top is beneficial for vehicles and gives friction, wich gives you extra security in slopes, cold freezing weather and in other cases where this is critical for your operation. DD1 is well suited for difficult terrain.

Be sure to consider our DuraLink fasteners, wich links the plates together end prevents them from slipping apart from each other under the operation.

DD2 - Coarse / Knotty

DD2 has the coarse grooved pattern on one of it's sides, wich gives you plenty of friction for most vehicles.

On the opposite side DD2 han a "knotty" surface. If this side is used against the ground, it will not bury itself, but still have relatively good friction to the ground during the operation. Additionally you can our DuraLink fasteners to connect the plates, wich also adds to the ground friction.

DD3 - Knotty / Smooth

DD3 has a Knotty pattern on one side, while the other side is smooth.

The knotty pattern is well suited for light transport, without the need for much additional friction.

The knotty side is preferable for most human traffic, it is both comfortable and has sufficient friction for work shoes and other footwear. DD3 is therefore well suited for projects where most work is done by human operations, e.g. the construction industry where this is a better alternative to plywood!

The smooth surface allows for zero damage to the substrate. 

DD4 - Coarse / Smooth

DD4 comes with a coarse grooved pattern on one side, and smooth on the other. 

DD4 can be beneficial where you need considerable friction to the ground by placing the grooved side down, and where you need moderate friction for your planned activity. For example a temporary go-cart course in outdoor terrain.