About EventDeck

EventDeck is a module based portable flooring, and stadium cover wich is well suited for protecting the substrate against masses of people. 

Wether you are planning a concert with 60 000 people, or a wedding with a 100 guests, EventDeck will be a good alternative where load carriers or vehicles are not demanded. 

The draining version of this floor is produced especially to preserve natural grass, and lets the photosynthesis do its work while also draining water through canals in the floor. 

EventDeck can be delivered, assembled and dismantled in larger flakes to make the process more effective. These flakes can be disassembled if needed. Having the modules in smaller pieces may prove beneficial in areas with small nooks and crannies, or that should match specific measurements. 

A variety of colors can be chosen to match a club color or a theme. However white is primarily recomended outdoors, if other colors are to be used, so called "Expansion joints" should be utilized so that the material can move freely without harming it`s surface capabilities.

These modules are made for relatively heavy weight. Place chairs, tables, sales booths, beer tents and similar things on the floor. load should be carried on wheel trolleys or golf carts. If a module is broken it can easily be switched out regardless of it`s position. Cleaning is easily done by regular washing chemicals and brushes or a high pressure washer.

EventDeck can be delivered with black edge modules. 

Product guide

EventDeck 1

EventDeck1 is a module based field cover, designed to protect natural grass. it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at when assembled.

EventDeck1 is perforated for water, air and sunlight to reach the ground, and be absorbed by the grass. The green house effect wich is created is actually so good that some costumers experiences their grass as "prettier and fresher" after being covered over a period of days.

EventDeck1 is very suitable floor on any plain grass field. Slopes with an even angle is also within it's use, e.g. a golf course. The grass should always be recently cut before covering, so that the floor does not "float".

EventDeck 2

EventDeck 2 is a module based field cover, designed to protect synthetic grass, sports flooring or other indoor floors. it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at when assembled.

EventDeck 2 is a closed cover system.