Cover system for protection of sports floors and gym floors.

GymShield is well suited for sports halls. GymShield is offered in different thicknesses and consists of rollers that are usually placed on a stand.

GymShield is easy to use and install. A typical gym floor can be covered with GymShield by two people in an hour. Before the event, simply roll out the protective floor. GymShield will provide the floor with protection against scratches and wounds that can occur due to footwear, furniture and equipment.

After the event is over, GymShield is easy to clean, disassemble and store. You simply crank the mobile tire back onto the storage rack. GymShield can be brushed and washed by hand.

With additional equipment such as motorized winding and integrated cleaning brushes mounted on the storage rack, you will be able to make rough cleaning and dismantling of the protective floor a pure breeze.

However, GymShield is not intended for various modes of transport, with the exception of wheeled trolleys with rubber wheels. If the event requires another type of transport, we would recommend other types of mobile floors, or that you supplement with a temporary mobile road, for example.

GymShield Gym Floor Covers come in five different weight sizes and lengths. They can be customized / cut to your specifications. You can choose from several standard colors or set your own color.