ArmorDeck 1

Solid mobile floor for natural grass

ArmorDeck1 has a weight tolerance for until 12,6 kg/cm2 upon an even and solid ground. In practice this means that the floor is designed for mostly transport done by forklifts, trucks, semi-trucks, manitous and other load carriers.

The size of each module are 1,067m x 1,067m x0,058cm. The underlaying pattern for weight tolerance is produces to spread the weight for reducing the risk for ArmorDeck1 pattern to dig down into the ground.

ArmorDecks bi-diagonal rib pattern is very solid, but without any sharp edges. Additionally ArmorDeck modules are strengthened with solid loop connectors. These loop connectors between the modules are very important for weight spread and stability.

Additionally ArmorDeck modules can be physically locked to eachother. Each module has three cam-locks, locking with umbracco poles from standing position. Cam-locks are important to avoid twisting caused by wheels, and to optimize the stability.

Small holes take care of the photosyntesis, so that your grass shall have the best conditions during your event. The underlaying pattern allows the air to flow, so that the grass not suffocates and dies.

High quality for sun tolerance

ArmorDeck is produced from highly refined HDPE-material, containing UV-resistance to avoid degradiation or fragility.

If you choose ArmorDeck in a light color that is reflecting the sunlight very good, ArmorDeck will normally not need to be installed wit expansion joints. The standard color is light grey.

For places in the world where the temperature conditions can be very variable, special expantion joints are produced and should be installed. These expantion joints will be fully integrated and compatible to the floor, and work as sliders so that the material can move freely, without changing the surface quality. 

Standard light grey, translucent or transparent

ArmorDeck panels are delivered in light grey, or grey. Other RAL-colors can be delivered upon request. 

ArmorDeck can also be delivered as translucent, so that the sun light is working throught the panels. A translucent module has a white shade. If you choose a transparent ArmorDeck cover, the modules will be blank so that the green grass can be seen through the modules.

ArmorDeck1 used upon synthetic turf and indoors

There is nothing stopping Armordeck1 for beeing used upon synthetic turf and indoors. The strongest argument for such a solution is perhaps that you are expanding your possibility inside a rental market.

A perforred cover can also give a good airflow to the synthetic turf.

If you sees it critical that fluids can penetrate to the synthetic turf, we will still recommend you another portfolio solution.