Perforated mobile floor for grass protection.

UltraDeck1 gives sunlight and water the opportunity to get through, so that the grass has good living conditions throughout the event. You will often find that the grass is more beautiful after the event, due to the greenhouse effect that the floor construction provides the basis for. UltraDeck portable flooring provides ideal protection for both hardy and less hardy grass types.


At the same time, UltraDeck drains the water away. This is an important reason why UltraDeck1 is also used as a tent floor in trade fair areas and festival areas where areas can be quickly transformed into mud areas during continuous activity.

UltraDeck is an ideal mobile floor for the protection of lawns, including football pitches, golf courses, fortress areas, park areas, museum areas and the like. Mobile floors from Multiarena will always give the event an aesthetic and pleasant feel, at the same time as it always provides the desired protection of the natural grass.

Strong protective ability.

UltraDeck1 is specially designed to protect the grass, while allowing you to use light vehicles and load carriers. However, the static compressive load capacity is so high that one can easily be tempted to use heavier vehicles as well.

Even if the rib pattern is designed for an optimal weight distribution, one should be aware that the load-bearing capacity will always be affected by the density of the substrate. When using heavier vehicles, at the same time as the water saturation in the ground is high, you will then be able to experience that the rib pattern digs into the ground, and that soil mass can then follow during disassembly. 

Use of UltraDeck1 on uneven ground

UltraDeck easily handles even slopes in the terrain. You must carry out planning measures if there are tufts, stones, pits or other physical obstacles. The surface must be even for the mobile floor to be able to be connected. 

If UltraDeck is placed on a slope, it will increase the need for fastening, depending on the degree of slope and amount of precipitation. We then recommend that you prevent by buying adhesive tape with a sandpaper pattern. This can be delivered by Multiarena AS.

Expansion modules

All plastic floors will expand and contract under changing weather conditions. This weather-related phenomenon can cause the floor to twist, wave, fall apart or otherwise become uneven.

Only Multiarena's floors are supplied with patented expansion modules that counteract any expansions during temperature fluctuations. Like expansion joints for bridges, buildings or highways, these are designed to counteract natural expansion.

Before our expansion modules came on the market, course masters, event managers, concert promoters, stadium managers, and others involved in concert events and similar stadium events simply had to accept weather-related expansions as an "unsolvable" problem. In practice, this was solved by inserting "breathing space" consisting of cracks in the floor, which was problematic for different types of traffic, and often made impossible use of e.g. jack trolleys.

UltraDeck built with expansion modules is a comfortable and safe solution that prevents against waves in the material. 

Edge modules

UltraDeck also comes with edge modules. As a minimum, these should always be used where the vehicle is to travel. Some people like to install with edge modules around the entire floor, to also prevent tripping edges for the public.