UltraDeck ICE

Among the worlds most utilized protective flooring for hockey arenas and ice rinks!

Signature's strong position in North-Amerika makes UltraDeck (US=EventDeck ice) to the worlds most used cover for protecting ice stadiums.

Make your Ice court a multi purpose arena.

With few limitations UltraDeck allows for additional purposes. Imagine concerts, fairs, sports events etc.

Mobile flooring with high weight tolerance

A high weight tolerance is important to utilize the stadiums full potential in the event marked. Conserts, car fairs or corporate events often require rig operations where fork trucks are a necessity!

With a weight tolerance of approximately 10kg/cm2 (142lb/in2) you can manage vans, trucks with rubber wheels, lifts, manitous and other vehicles with similar weight distribution, during your event.

Fast assembly

Only a few people and a fork truck is needed to cover an average ice court in e couple of hours, and the same for disassembly. 

We have your back.

When you order a floor or cover for Multiarena, you know that you have the worlds biggest producer of mobile flooring and ice covers at you back. even more important is the use of professionals with experience from prestigious heavy assignements when oyu for the first time will install, and the floor modules must be konfigured according to the fence around the court! UltraDeck ice cover is of the highest quality and has a 3 year warranty.

Seamless and stable

UltraDeck gives you a seamless solution and leaves no noticeable joints or cracks. 

The down side of each ED Ice module has a row of friction rings, wich gives a feeling of quality and stability 


UltraDeck has 2.858cm (1.125in) air insulation. with good ventilation inside the hall the temperature can be increased gradually to 17-18`C (64`F) under the event. 

If a higher floor temerature is desirable, UltraDeck should be combined with CarpetDeck from Multiarena.

Chose of color

The standard colors are light grey or grey. Other RAL-colors can be requested. What about your club colors? 


There are mainly two ways to konfigure UtraDeck customized for an ice court.

1. Fit against the fence

The floor is in this way cut in a way that makes it flush with the fencing. This work is led by a supervisor. A konfiguration with edge modules will be limited, in this case some ramps and entrances can still be made.

2. Have the fence on top

This way makes the floor easier and faster to assemble. Edge module should now bed konfigured all the way around. 

Easy cleaning and maintenance

UltraDeck Ice has an even surface witch makes it easy to clean. coordinating a powerwash with a truck driver is recomended!