Protection systems for gyms and sports halls

Create a good impression for your next event by using special floors and underlays from Multiarena! We have something for every taste, and for every need!

GymShield is Multiarena's bestseller for sports halls, and the feedback we get from customers has been overwhelmingly positive!

Customers who want floor protection with very high aesthetics should consider CarpetDeck as an alternative. 


If you have requirements for the use of vehicles

If you are the owner of a sports floor, and have ambitions to arrange events that require the use of vehicles, Multiarena AS will recommend a mobile floor with a fixed base plate; for example UltraDeck Ice. This mobile floor will fit perfectly on soft sports floors. 

If you only have this need on certain occasions, and for smaller work operations, we would recommend that you acquire a limited mobile driveway consisting of UltraDeck Ice. If you have a hard sports floor and need to establish a driveway; talk to us to get the right solution!


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Big and protective carpet tiles


Cover system that is rolled out from a stand