Mobile Handball Floor


Handball Floor

Multiarena AS has the pleasure of offering a mobile handball floor, which entails a number of advantages over the past.

"Naxos Air Evolution" is a certified mobile handball floor that is laid out in square meters of laying flakes, and which is transported and stored on a pallet.

Quality benefits:

In terms of quality, this handball floor is 12 mm (0.47In) thick, where the bottom layer consists of a 6.5 mm(0.25In) rubberized processed sole, conglomerated with a polyurethane binder, and with a built-in air cushion. Specially designed to provide optimal sporting comfort for athletes. On top, a mobile floor is laid that distributes weight and pressure via an underlying rib pattern, made of polypropylene.

The air damping system with the patented underlay reduces shock to the joints and lumbar spine, and reduces risk.

From the product specifications, it can be seen that these tiles will move marginally at abrupt turns, which provides both vertical and horizontal cushioning, and which further prevents injuries to the knees and ankles, which are very typical in the sport of handball.

The solution is certified by the International Handball Federation.

Economic benefits:

The mobile floor comes with a full 15-year warranty. The floor is also very robust against damage, and if damage to the floor should occur, then only the few tiles that should be damaged are replaced. This also provides high financial security, and long life.

Installation, Maintenance, transport and storage:

In terms of installation, the substrate is rolled out, before the floor is then laid on top. No tape, glue or anything else is used

Installation time is approximately 75 m2(800ft2) per man per hour; ie for example 4 men for 3 hours.

The mobile floor needs no maintenance costs apart from removing handball glue. The solution is robust and simplifies cleaning procedures.

When the floor is delivered, it arrives on special pallets where the dimensions are 1.15m x 1.15m x 2.25m (approx: 3ft 9In x 3ft 9In x 7ft 4.5in) (H); each pallet with a maximum of 177m2 (1900ft2) floor. However, Multiarena AS recommends that after initial installation, the floor is stacked at a working and transport height of 1.30m (4ft 3In), including a pallet; which then gives 96 laying flakes per pallet = 96m2 (1033ft2). This increases the pallet requirement from 6 to 10 per floor. A laying platform weighs approx. 4 kg (9lbs).

The shock-absorbing base is delivered on rolls, in pallets with the dimension 1m x 1m x 1.6m (approx: 3ft x 3ft x 5ft). Each pallet contains 9 rolls. Each roll weighs 68 kg (150lbs).

The pallets can be reused up to several times.


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