Solid mobile flooring for most puposes

UltraDeck is among Multiarenas most sought after floorings, and our costumers often experience it's utility value as highly signicant compared to the cost. 

Each module is 30,48x60,96cm (12x24in) and is 2.858cm (1,125in) thick. Normally there are 6 modules attached together, so that UltraDeck is assebled in larger pieces (91,44x121,92cm / 36x48in). 
UltraDeck weighs 7kg (15,43lbs) per m2, and is our most efficient floor when considering assembling and disassemble! 

UltraDeck is suitable among others as arena flooring, stadium flooring and within event tents! It can also be utilized as a walking path or a road for vehicles on level terrain. 

Fast assembly

The assembly does not require any special tools, and large areas can be covered in little time. For personell familiar with the process, up to 125m2 per hour has been made, per man! 

Strong and stable

UltraDeck has a static pressure point capacity of 10kg/cm2 (64lb/in2). This means that it is well suited for moderatly loaded fork trucks and load carriers of similar weight, also all vehicles one normally drives with B-class certificate. 

The static weigth limit is high enough to load great consert stages on the floor. Multiarena's first ever assignement had UltraDeck carry Elton John's consert in one of the largest arenas in Norway. 

If use of heavier equipment or load carriers are required a different flooring is recomended. Alternatively UltraDeck can be strengthened with DuraDeck. 

Product guide

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Perforated portable floor for the protection of natural grass.

Closed floor system for protection of synthetic turf.

The worlds most utilized mobile flooring for ice- and hockey arenas.