ArmorDeck 2

Heavy duty flooring for synthetic turf protection

ArmorDeck2 is special designed for synthetic turf protection, but also very suitable as a tent floor.

ArmorDeck2 has a weight tolerance until 12,6 kg/cm2. In practice this means that the floor will outstand semi-trucks, and lighter loads from forklifts, manitous and other weight carriers.

The size of each modul is 1,067m x 1,067m, and the thickness is 5cm. The underlaying pattern is designed for optimal weight spread.

ArmorDecks bi-diagonal rib pattern is very solid, and with no sharp edges. Additionally the armordeck modules have solid loop connectors, to spread the weight also between the modules.

ArmorDeck2 can also be locked and secured. Each module has three solid camlocks. To lock these, you are using a stand up tool with an umbracco tip. A locked floor will not be effected by twisting forces from wheels upon the surface.

When you are removing the floor, the rib pattern will be visual in your synthetic turf. This is no problem for a modern synthetic turf, but should be rubbed up again after your event. 

Standard light grey, translucent or transparent

ArmorDecks color is light grey or grey. You can also order other RAL-colors by request.

Seemless installation combined with ArmorDeck3

Multiarena often recommends ArmorDeck3 in the heavy rig zone. Your synthetic turf will tehn be optimal protected against heavier rig oprations that often takes place in the stage area. ArmorDeck2 can be chosen for the rest of the area, as a seemless installation. 

Perfect underlayer for sport flooring

ArmorDeck2 has an even and anti-slip surface, which makes the floor perfect as an underlayer in synthetic turf halls with ambitions for other sport activities. With ArmorDeck2 below you can feel comfortable to roll out a mobile handball floor, or a mobile multisport floor.