Multiarena Mini

Multiarena Mini

Multiarena Mini - An activity binge for the little ones

"Multiarena Mini" is a binge that is intended for the smallest children, and is ideal for day care centres, for example. The court is 14.6 metres long and 4.87 metres wide. The sports arena gives you a number of multi-purpose options. An affordable awning is set up around the track.

"Multiarena Mini" for skating and playing on the ice all year round:

"Multiarena Mini" can, for example, be an ice rink, where synthetic ice panels are used. Multiarena can also supply the desired accessories such as skates. Ordinary skates can be used, but if desired, specific stabilisation skates for children can also be procured. Children can also benefit and enjoy being able to lean on our penguins, pandas and bears.

Some falls are to be expected when out on the synthetic ice surface, and helmets must be provided for all children.

A creative kindergarten can also decorate according to different seasons and events, as can be seen in the accompanying photo archive where one of our customers has done so for Christmas.

It will be necessary to facilitate good maintenance of the track. To ensure that the rink is always smooth, it is important that it is cleaned before use. In the summertime, you can make an opening in the cover and pressure wash the synthetic ice rink. However, we recommend that you get a cleaning machine with rotating brushes and suction, which can also use water and soap if necessary.

"Multiarena MINI" as a temporary splash and swimming pool:

Multiarena AS kan også tilby en robust og vanntett beskyttelsesduk av typen GymShield. Duken kan både benyttes for å unngå at banen blir skitten i perioder hvor den måtte ligge ubrukt. Men, om ønskelig kan også duken benyttes for å samle vann. På noen sommerdager kan man da gjøre om «Multiarena Mini» til et naturlig plaske- og svømmebasseng.

"Multiarena MINI" as a temporary natural ice rink for part of the year:

The waterproof GymShield fabric also allows water that freezes into ice to be collected in the "Multiarena Mini", creating a natural ice rink over a period of time during the winter months. naturisbane.

"Multiarena MINI" as a temporary ball game area, or romping area

Man kan også bestille et mobilt sportsgulv som tilpasses arealet for diverse ballaktiviteter. Eventuell merking av arealet kan tilpasses etter ønske.

Et mobilt sportsgulv vil også kunne legges direkte på eventuelle syntetiske ispaneler, en kombinasjonsløsning som gir økt variasjon gjennom året.

Multiarena "Mini" - Important to consider:

NB! It's important to call us in order to customise a solution that suits your needs. We'll help you find a combination that meets your requirements.