About Multiarena

Multiarena AS

Multiarena AS is an importer to the Nordic and Baltic markets of various types of mobile- floors and -road systems.

Many of Multiarena's solutions are among the world's most used and recognized solutions. For example, our mobile floors can be found in several of the world's most prestigious arenas and stadiums around the world, where they have proven their strength through extensive use.

Within certain business areas, Multiarena AS also leads sales- and customer follow-up.

In other market segments, we prefer customer follow-up via a dealer network, in order to provide the very best service to the user

Mobile floors and mobile protective mats

Regardless of whether you are arranging a concert or a small gathering, a track surface from Multiarena AS will protect surfaces such as artificial grass, natural grass or art. Or maybe an existing floor needs protection, such as e.g. a sports floor in an indoor hall?

Feel free to imagine that you can adapt the property or stadium facility for multi-use activities on a suitable scale. With better flexibility, you increase sales by opening your facility for trade fairs, concerts, corporate gatherings, awards ceremonies and other events.

Mobile roads, mobile parking spaces, mobile road routes

Many property owners manage different areas that should be spared as much as possible during various events or construction work. 

At the same time, the contractor is concerned with good access for all his machines and equipment, in order to make the job as cost-effective as possible. 

Multiarena's various road plate systems is a system, which meets and unites the interests of both the landowner and the landscape contractor.