MegaDeck Rig Mats

MegaDeck ™ is a heavy license plate system that has the largest panels and the very best load-bearing properties on the market. MegaDeck is the ideal solution for establishing a temporary road over a wetland area. In addition to being able to construct a temporary access road over vulnerable terrain, feel free to use them to construct a temporary parking space, or to establish a temporary storage space for heavy equipment. 

MegaDeck swampplates / swampmats are perfect for establishing a temporary access road through soft terrain.

The individual MegaDeck mat is made of HDPE, with textures and additives that provide extra strength, firmness and resistance.

Design Details

  • Ribbed patterned interior provides extra strength as well as weight reduction
  • Easily handled with a regular truck.
  • Waterproof seal prevents dirt, water and debris from penetrating the mat.
  • Special gaskets protect against surface water and frequent use
  • Solid HDPE flanges on both sides make the mats easy to join
  • The flanges are fastened together and give the joints extra strength and rigidity
  • Diamond-patterned surface provides firmness and grip.
  • RFID Chips can be included during manufacture so you can keep track of the mats with a computer system.

Construction system

MegaDeck has its own locking system that consists of customized locking mechanisms that join the overlapping flanges of the adjacent mats so that they carry an incredible weight


MegaDeck er så og si uknuselig og er enkelt å rengjøre med høytrykksspylere. MegaDeck mattene absorberer verken vann eller annen væske.


1.81m (L) x 3.96m (B) x (10.8cm (H)


2.29m (L) x 4.27m (B) x 10.8cm (H)

Sam­men­pak­ket gods inn­til 600psi

0.6 (neoporen på våt matte)

Standard: Lys grå Annet: Ved fore­spør­sel

Høy­este kva­li­tet HDPE
Modi­fi­sert for eks­tra styrke
UV resis­tent masse
Anti-statisk til­set­ning

Dia­mant­mønst­ret overflate