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Padel Tennis

Padel tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe and has seen explosive growth in recent years. In Spain alone, there are currently over two million active players, making it the second largest sport after football. In the Nordic region, Sweden has led the way, but the other countries are quickly following suit. The sport is already established as a professional sport. The Padel Pro Tour was established in 2005, and so far the international padel federation has 19 member countries.

Padel tennis is very similar to traditional tennis. The main difference on the court is that it has walls that are part of the game.

Padel tennis is very similar to traditional tennis. The main difference on the court is that it has walls that are part of the game.The rackets are without strings, and the balls are harder and faster than in traditional tennis. In paddle tennis, you serve with a forearm serve. Otherwise, the rules are the same as in tennis.

Padel tennis is less technically and physically demanding. The game is perceived as fun, exciting and easy to master for all age groups. The pace is slower than in tennis, and since the walls are part of the court, there are often fun ball exchanges. Courts are also organised for "out of court" play, where the alternative rules allow a ball to be retrieved from outside the court and played back in, a fun and entertaining variant of the game.

The inner playing surface of a padel court is 20m x 10m, while the outer zone for out of court play shall be a minimum of 4m x 2m on each side of the court. The net is 10 metres wide, with a 5cm wide solid white line, and shall measure 0.92 metres above the ground at each end, with a minimum span height of 0.88m at the centre.

Padel is almost always played in doubles. Padel tennis is therefore a sociable sport for people of all ages!

Multiarena padel courts:

Multi-arena padel courts from Sports Partner include everything you need, excluding shipping and installation. Installation is carried out by experienced installers.

We offer two complete package solutions; "Padel Traditional" and "Padel Panorama".

Regardless of which padel court you choose, four lamp posts are included, each with 400W LED lighting.

The manufacturer has a high focus on quality materials in the delivery. The CE-certified glass walls are thick and manufactured so that the glass will be pulverised in the unlikely event that it breaks, with the safety of the athletes in mind.

The padel court is installed on a flat and stable surface. Outdoors, this should mean a moulded concrete base or a paved area. The wall elements are then bolted into the ground. Indoors, the elements must be screwed into the ground.

Multiarena Padel benefits

Padel Traditional:

The traditional padel court has galvanised steel posts between the wall elements. All steel is anti-rust treated. The posts are enamelled in black as standard, but the colour can be selected. The glass walls are 10 mm thick, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Padel Federation. Open the attached PDF with product specification to see the detailed contents of the delivery.

Padel Panorama:

The panorama installation has additional reinforced glass throughout, with a thickness of 12 mm. This installation also has a top row without posts, consisting entirely of glass panels. Open the attached PDF with product specification to see the detailed content of the delivery.

Choice of playing surface:

If artificial grass is chosen as the playing surface, 15 mm UV-treated artificial grass with infill is supplied as standard in the package solutions.

As an alternative to artificial grass, you can choose a mobile sports floor that is also used for regular tennis. You can find more about this surface under the "mobile tennis floor" option.

There may also be arguments at some facilities for acquiring both types of surface to create variety and to give the facility additional multifunctional possibilities!