Temporary roads, construction areaes and rig zones with extreme strength

SignaRoad is special produced for construction of temporary roads, directed to road and landscaping entrepreneurs. Use SignaRoad both as a temporary road and as a rig platform for your heavy installations and for your heavy equipments!

SignaRoad will also be perfect for big stadium arrangements, especially in the rig zone. SignaRoad withstands very heavy vehicles, like heavy loaded forklifts and manitous as well as smei-trucks and large cranes! 

With SignaRoad you will very easy construct a temporary road or an area for all kinds of vehocles, a temporary access road, a temporary parking place, or maybe you need a temporary landing spot for your helicopter or an airstrip?  

SignaRoad Mat - Matherial and construction

Every SignaRoad Mat contains 5cm thick and massive HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). The effective using area is 6,2 ft x 9,38 ft (1,88m x 2,84m) Every mat weighs 496 lb. (225 kg). The gross area do also contains powerful and strengthening flanges in the same material.
Bruttoflaten består også av kraftige flenser i det samme materialet som forbinder de kraftige kjøreplatene med hverandre.

Additional to the solid flanges, SignaRoad Driving Mats are locking with powerful molded cam-locks, so that the overlapping flanges will be highly secured - and so that no mud penetrates to the surface. The locking operations are done with a special tool, ehere you are working in a standing position. 

The final resault is an even and stabile driving platform disigned for handling and protecting against extreme weights up to 400 psi (28,12 kg/cm2). Long life time, quick installation time, and simple way of cleaning give you a good return on investment.

Do SignaRoad replace steel plates?

In most cases SignaRoad will be superior versus the use of steel. SignaRoad are lighter, and can very easily be locked and connected. A lower weight often also gives you lower tranport costs. Additionally you have a grip pattern that steel plates normally do not have.

Steel plates are superior if your intention is to build a bridge over a large gap in the ground. SignaRoad Mats are created to have some durability, so that your construction can be used in terrain. 


A SignaRoad driving plate can be brought into position by a forklift or a similar weight carrier. Our recommendation is that two persons are adjusting the mat into exact position and continuously are locking. 

Easy to clean and maintain

SignaRoad can easily be cleaned with an industrial high pressure washer, for instance over the forks of the carrier, before stacking.

Long life

The massive construction make the mats very solid. The driving mats are also UV-treated for long life creation. For storage should all kind of HDPE-products though be stored away from unnecessary exposure from sunlight. Estimated life time is 20 years. 

Environmental friendly

HDPE is a sought recycling material that you get paid for the day you will throw it. While your products are in use, they will create protection for vulnerable environment like parks, wetland areas and other kinds of landscape.

With SignaRoad Mats as a part of your solution, you will stand stronger in the competition up against your competitors that do not offer an environmental and protective solution. You can also calculate with less time and money for repairing the landscape after your job is done, and get a better price per working hour, and move faster to your next project!