ArmorDeck 3

The strongest floor in ArmorDeck portfolio

ArmorDeck3 is delivered with an integrated pad; a flat bottom, that is constructed to strengthen the weight tolerance even more. With this construction ArmorDeck reach a point pressure value up to 22 kg/cm2. This is almost twice as much as the weight tolerance for ArmorDeck1/ArmorDeck2 with the comparable value 12,6 kg/cm2. ArmorDeck3 is therefore an often preferred solution in heavy rig zones.

ArmorDeck3 has achived a very good reputation in the market, and is the mostly used backstage flooring system in the nordic market, and perhaps around the globe.

ArmorDeck3 can be seemlessly installed combined with Armordeck1 or ArmorDeck2, which gives you a high flexibility.

If natural grass should be protected, ArmorDeck3 can not be installed for more than 3-4 days, without any damages to the grass.

Picture shows the bottom plate of the module.

Translucent ArmorDeck3

Multiarena do also offer ArmorDeck3 so that the sunlight can work through the panels. This will give natural grass a better protection, and the natural grass will have an increased opportunity to survive. Compared to aluminium competitors ArmorDeck do also has the advantage of low weight per module. ArmorDeck ca nbe installed by hand power, and with the use of tools from standing position. ArmorDeck is a timesaving solution.

Access for all kinds of heavy loads

ArmorDeck3 will give you access for all kind of load carriers upon synthetic turf, natural turf, fine gravel or upon other surfaces. The construction of ArmorDeck3 is securing that the modules do not dig into the ground, because the weight carrying rib pattern is sealed by the flat bottom pad.