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Ground Protection Mats: The Ultimate Solution for Surface Preservation and Cost Savings

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Welcome to our guide on the product category of ground protection mats. In this guide, we will explain how such mats can be the perfect solution for contractors, sports venues, festivals, and other events looking to prevent driving damages and protect the underlying surfaces. We'll also delve into the various types of ground protection mats and how they can serve as an environmentally friendly solution.

In the demanding Nordic terrain and under harsh weather conditions, these sturdy protection mats have become an indispensable part of any construction project. They're designed with the intention of safeguarding vulnerable ground and surfaces, ensuring heavy vehicles can move safely and efficiently. If you're in the market for a trustworthy supplier of ground protection mats for purchase or rental, you've come to the right place. We have extensive experience in the industry and offer a wide range of ground protection mats at competitive prices.

An Indispensable Resource for Stability and Surface Protection

From construction sites to event and festival setups, ground protection mats serve as a robust foundation for heavy machinery like excavators and lifts. At the same time, they help shield the underlying terrain from damages and tracks left by the vehicles. Often referred to as large, flat plates made of steel or plastic, these mats provide stability and protection to the ground underneath heavy vehicles or construction equipment.

These mats can be particularly useful in construction or site areas where there might be uneven terrain, marshland, or other challenging conditions. By distributing the weight of vehicles and equipment over a larger area, the mats protect cobblestones, slate tiles, cables, floors, asphalt, and other surfaces. With ground protection mats, you can easily carry out work in gardens, green spaces, and untouched nature without leaving a mark.

Cost Reduction with Ground Protection Mats

An investment in ground protection mats can curtail expenses linked to repairing surface damages. By employing such mats, one can sidestep costly repairs and subsequent maintenance.

Opting for ground protection mats leads to substantial cost savings concerning potential repairs and ground maintenance. Damages to surfaces caused by heavy vehicles or construction equipment can lead to significant expenses. These costs might relate to terrain correction and the replacement of damaged materials like cobblestones, slate tiles, asphalt, and similar materials.

Laying ground protection mats ensures that the weight of heavy vehicles or machinery is evenly distributed across a larger area. This approach substantially decreases the likelihood of surface damage, hence circumventing the costs associated with repairing such damages. Essentially, these mats act as a form of insurance against unforeseen expenses tied to repairs and maintenance.

In addition to the direct damage costs, it's pivotal to consider indirect costs that might ensue. This encompasses project delays due to damage repair, as well as potential costs arising from lost contracts or tarnished reputation if projects aren't delivered timely or to standard.

Ground protection mats can also trim expenses in other avenues. For instance, they can facilitate easier vehicle maneuverability, potentially reducing the time required to finish a task. This suggests that ground protection mats can bolster efficiency and productivity, leading to further cost savings.

Hence, investing in ground protection mats is a cost-effective strategy, capable of warding off both direct repair and maintenance costs, as well as indirect costs stemming from project delays and diminished efficiency. With these mats in place, you can zero in on accomplishing tasks swiftly and efficiently, confident that the ground is safeguarded.

Applications: Ground Protection Mats for Temporary Roads and Events

These robust solutions are also ideally suited for creating temporary roads for sporting events, festivals, and other major events. They are also perfect for outdoor events like Christmas tree lots and fairs.

  • Construction Projects: Ground protection mats protect the surface from potential damage by heavy vehicles and equipment. They help reduce dust and mud, enhance safety, and ensure efficient mobility on construction sites while simultaneously offering a sturdy foundation for heavier machinery. This is particularly relevant in larger construction projects spanning several months where constant traffic from trucks and cranes might result in significant wear on the surface. By implementing ground protection mats in such areas, damages are prevented, and working conditions are improved, ensuring safer and more stable access for both personnel and equipment.
  • Sports Arenas: Ground protection mats can be used to create temporary roads, protect grass and other sensitive surfaces during events, and provide a stable surface for equipment and pedestrians.
  • Festivals and Events: Employing these robust elements contributes to a stable and secure surface for both participants and equipment, simultaneously guarding the surface against damages. Ground protection mats also offer a quick solution for temporary roads and parking areas. During events like football matches and concerts, it's crucial to shield the pitch from damage. They are an essential tool to address challenges and enhance site logistics and safety. For instance, at music festivals like the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, ground protection mats are frequently used to craft temporary roads and pathways to safely guide visitors, especially in unpredictable weather.
  • Exhibition Halls: Ground protection mats are crucial in protecting floors and providing a safe, stable surface for both exhibitors and visitors. During events like trade fairs and exhibitions, where heavy equipment and large crowds are present, the mats significantly prevent damages and accidents. Their utilization ensures everyone and every equipment in the exhibition area moves safely and efficiently on a robust surface.
  • Christmas Tree Lots and Similar Outdoor Events: They provide a stable surface for vehicles and equipment, safeguarding the ground against damage and wear. In popular Christmas markets, the mats can protect grass and gravel areas from damages due to heavy traffic.
  • Temporary Roads and Events: Ground protection mats are ideal for temporary roads, especially in terrains challenging to navigate, like wetlands and coastal areas. They were extensively utilized during oil extraction in North Dakota, USA, aiming to form access roads on soft and unstable grounds.
  • Construction and Building Sites: By deploying these robust solutions, support and protection are provided for heavy vehicles and construction equipment working on uneven or soft terrains.
  • Surface Protection:Ground protection mats can be placed over vulnerable surfaces, like lawns, gravel, or asphalt, aiming to shield them from damages by heavy vehicles or construction equipment.
  • Emergency and Rescue Operations: Ground protection mats can be quickly set up to provide emergency services and rescue personnel access to accident sites or areas hard to reach due to uneven terrains or adverse conditions.
  • Military Operations: In military endeavors, these robust elements can be a vital resource where rapid and stable access to various regions is crucial for success.
  • Agriculture and Forestry:Ground protection mats can be employed in farming and forestry to protect soil and vegetation from damages by heavy vehicles and machines. They also enhance accessibility in wet or uneven areas.

Ground protection mats are incredibly versatile and can contribute to efficiency, safety, and sustainability in various industries and situations. They are essential on construction sites to protect the underlying surface, prevent damage, and improve accessibility for heavy vehicles and equipment.

At events and festivals, these mats can quickly and efficiently create safe and stable temporary roads and parking spaces. They play a vital role in protecting sensitive surfaces like grass and asphalt.

For emergency and rescue services, ground protection mats can be lifesaving. They can be swiftly installed to provide safe and stable access to accident sites, even in challenging terrains. In military operations, ground protection mats provide quick and stable access to areas, which can be critical for success.

In agriculture and forestry, ground protection mats can be highly beneficial by protecting the soil and vegetation from damages caused by heavy machines and vehicles and improving accessibility in areas with wet or uneven terrains.

In summary, ground protection mats can be a valuable tool in many different situations and industries. Therefore, it's crucial to consider their use in projects located in areas that require protection of the underlying surface, improve accessibility for heavy vehicles and equipment, or create temporary roads and parking spaces.

Eco-Friendly Solution with Ground Protection Mats

Our protective mats are made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, providing them with an eco-friendly profile and a minimal carbon footprint. By choosing ground protection mats made of recycled material, you are contributing to waste reduction and supporting sustainable production.

Ground protection mats offer benefits not only related to cost reduction and practical applicability but also bring significant environmental advantages. They promote an environmentally-friendly profile by minimizing the damage and disruption to natural surfaces, and importantly, many of them are crafted from 100% recycled HDPE plastic.

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene, a type of plastic that is lightweight, durable, and flexible, and can be efficiently recycled. When we talk about these robust elements made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, it implies that all materials used in their production are sourced from previously used plastic products. This offers numerous environmental benefits.

Firstly, it aids in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Plastic waste is a significant global challenge, and by recycling this plastic in the production of these products, we become part of the solution rather than the problem.

Secondly, recycling plastic saves significant amounts of energy compared to producing new plastic materials. This contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions associated with its production.

Thirdly, HDPE plastic provides a high degree of durability and strength, making these elements highly resilient and long-lasting. This translates to less frequent replacement, thus minimizing resource consumption.

In several ways, HDPE plastic proves to be a better alternative than many other materials. HDPE plastic is lightweight, making the transport and installation of the ground protection mats more energy-efficient and cost-effective. HDPE is resistant to moisture, preventing it from rotting or degrading over time, unlike certain other materials like wood or steel. This makes the mats ideal for use in various environments, including those with harsh weather conditions or high humidity.

Fourthly, HDPE plastic is flexible, meaning the ground protection mats can adapt better to varying terrains than rigid materials. This enhances their functionality as they can be utilized on uneven terrains or across surfaces with different textures.

Lastly, HDPE plastic is non-toxic, ensuring safety for both humans and the environment. This is especially crucial when the mats are used in settings where humans, animals, and plants coexist, such as festivals, parks, sports facilities, agriculture, or construction sites.

In conclusion, it's evident that ground protection mats made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. They offer numerous advantages beyond their primary function of safeguarding surfaces and serving as an effective solution for temporary roads. They assist businesses and events in achieving a greener profile, reducing their carbon footprint, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The Many Benefits of Ground Protection Mats

Protection of Surfaces

The mats are designed to protect lawns, cobblestones, slate slabs, cables, asphalt, and other surfaces from damage caused by heavy vehicles and machinery. They also prevent damage to the underlying surface and reduce rutting and erosion caused by heavy equipment.


By eliminating ruts and damage at construction sites, lawns, parks, golf courses, cemeteries, etc., ground protection mats enhance accessibility. They provide a stable and supportive surface for heavy vehicles and construction machinery, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.

Easy to Handle

The mats are mobile and lightweight, making them easy to install and move. They are also designed for quick assembly and disassembly, making them easy to transport between different job sites.

Long Lifespan

Thanks to their robust construction and high-quality materials, our products have a long lifespan. They won't rot or degrade, allowing for long-term installations with minimal environmental impact. At the end of each use, the mats can be easily cleaned.

Construction Site Safety: Protection and Security with Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats from Multiarena’s range form an integral part of the construction site's safety plan. They provide heavy vehicles with increased stability and grip, reducing the risk of accidents and damage. These mats are especially useful on slippery or uneven surfaces, where vehicles can easily lose traction.

Our protection mats have a sturdy and slip-resistant surface, offering a secure foundation for heavier vehicles. This is essential on wet or muddy surfaces, reducing the chance of vehicles sliding or becoming stuck. The mats can withstand high weight, ensuring peace of mind when dealing with heavy machinery and equipment.

Another advantage is that they protect the underlying surface. By creating an even surface, the potential for sliding and uncontrolled movement is reduced, helping to minimize the risk of personal injury. Without these mats, the ground can be damaged, leading to costly repairs.

Multiarena takes your business's safety seriously. We promote ground protection mats that safeguard people, property, and equipment. Our composite mats provide secure access to challenging work areas, create stable work platforms, and protect your equipment under various climatic and weather conditions. We always aim to offer solutions that enhance the safety and efficiency of your workplace.

Our solutions also provide safe access paths over various types of terrain. They protect your equipment by avoiding soft and unstable soil conditions and ensure safe transportation of vehicles and equipment to the work site. With these robust mats, you can easily transport equipment and materials over various types of terrain, from soft, muddy soil to hard, uneven ground.

By using Multiarena's solutions, you achieve your safety plan while protecting your investments. These mats provide stability for heavy trucks, cranes, and other equipment, allowing them to operate safely and efficiently.

Safety is not just a priority at a workplace; it's a necessity. With our products, you're always on the safe side. That's why so many businesses rely on Multiarena for their ground protection mat needs. By using these mats, you can be confident that you've taken the necessary steps to secure your construction site.

In addition to enhancing safety, ground protection mats also contribute to increased workplace efficiency. They enable vehicles to move faster and more efficiently, potentially reducing the time it takes to complete projects and boosting productivity.

Ground protection mats are also highly durable and require minimal maintenance. This means they can withstand demanding conditions over an extended period, making them a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Additionally, we offer customer support and technical assistance. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you with all your queries and needs, whether it's installation, usage, or maintenance of the ground protection mats.

For us, it's not just about selling products; it's about providing solutions that help businesses achieve their goals. With our robust solutions, you can rest assured that your construction site's safety is well-taken care of.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

When you use our ground protection mats, the impact on the natural ground is minimized, allowing for the transportation of heavy equipment and materials without causing harm to the environment.

So, whether you are a contractor, involved in sports events, or planning festivals, ground protection mats might be the ideal solution for you. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs. We are here to help you find the perfect solution for your project.


Ground protection mats provide a cost-effective solution for surface protection while minimizing the risk of damages. With a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and additional features, it's easy to customize the ideal ground protection mat for your specific needs. By choosing mats made from recycled materials, you also contribute to supporting sustainable production methods and reducing environmental impact. Whether you are a contractor, sports event organizer, festival planner, or belong to another industry requiring robust ground protection, ground protection mats are an excellent choice for you.

Ground Protection Mats from Multiarena - The Market's Largest Product Portfolio.

Leading supplier of ground protection mats / road plates with powerful solutions for the construction market.

Multiarena offers various systems for ground protection mats that cater to a growing market for different types of protective mats with a broad range of solutions!

The company's extensive portfolio of mobile flooring can be suitable for creating temporary driving zones over vulnerable terrain. DuraDeck ground protection mats/road plates, Signa Road terrain protection mats and MegaDeck rig mats supplement the construction market with ultra-strong plates used by road and landscape contractors.

Whether it's for a sole proprietorship with a mini excavator, a landscaping gardener, or a national or international conglomerate with multiple business areas, our portfolio provides an ideal foundation for any construction site!

With Multiarena's solutions, you get plastic ground protection mats with a load-bearing capacity of up to 600 psi (42.18 kg/cm2). These plate systems can form a temporary road, a temporary parking space, or a stable working platform for the heaviest cranes and construction assets.

Made of high-density HDPE, the products contain specialized fillers that make the ground protection mats very strong. UV and anti-static additives ensure that these composite plates withstand heavy constructions and vehicles, ensuring a long lifespan. Multiarena's ground protection mats can easily be washed, stored, and shipped to the next construction site. The mats can be used year after year, offering a good return on investment.

Photo Parade:

Signaroad - Ground protection mats in use at event area
Signaroad - Ground protection mats in use at event area
Signaroad - Ground protection mats are easy to assemble
Signaroad ground protection mats for large events
Duradeck - Heavy vehicles are no obstacle
Duradeck - Strong plastic ground protection mats
Duradeck - Ground protection mats to protect vulnerable terrain
Megadeck bog mats - Ideal for wetland areas
Megadeck mats are easy to assemble and handle
Megadeck Ground protection mats used for temporary road
Armordeck - The contractor's first choice for stadium protection
ArmorDeck installed
ArmorDeck is specially designed as arena and stadium flooring
Stor lift på ArmorDeck3
Armordeck - Ground protection mats for safe access



We offer an extensive range of ground protection mats, catering to a growing market. Our product line-up, which includes DuraDeck ground protection mats, SignaRoad ground mats, and MegaDeck rig mats, is versatile and can meet diverse requirements – from temporary roads and parking lots to construction sites and event venues.

These mats are made from robust high-density HDPE and are enhanced with UV and anti-static additives to withstand heavy constructions and vehicles. Simple cleaning, storage, and transportation to the next job site are made possible with these products.

With a load-bearing capacity of up to 600 psi, the mats we provide are ideal for both individual enterprises and large corporations with multiple business areas. They can protect a variety of surfaces including asphalt, cobblestone, sand, gravel, wetlands, coastal areas, open land, national parks, forests, and peat bog landscapes. These mats ensure safety for personnel, machinery, and equipment, while also preventing muddy conditions.

Relevant Questions:

What can Multiarena offer in terms of protection mats for safeguarding vulnerable areas?
Multiarena boasts a broad assortment of ground protection mats suitable for temporary construction sites, parking lots, and event venues. Their range includes DuraDeck Mats, Signa Road Mats, MegaDeck Rig Mats, and mobile flooring systems, all meticulously crafted to shield vulnerable areas like lawns, parks, gardens, wetlands, and beachfronts. These durable products can endure heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions and are straightforward to install and dismantle. Customized solutions are available to cater to your specific needs, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

What materials are our ground protection mats made from?
The ground protection mats are constructed from high-density HDPE and feature specialized fillers to ensure strength and longevity.

What are the applications of these protection mats?
The protection mats can be employed to create a temporary road, parking space, or a sturdy work platform for the heaviest of cranes and construction assets.

How much load-bearing capacity do our ground protection mats have?
Multiarena's protection mats can support weights up to 600 psi (42.18 kg/cm2).

Are these ground protection mats easy to store and transport to the next job site?
Yes, they are simple to clean, store, and transfer to the subsequent job site.

Meet Multiarena AS: Your Trusted Partner for Mobile Flooring & Roadway Products

Torgny Lars Bakken
Torgny Lars Bakken

Established in 2009, Multiarena AS stands as a leading Nordic provider of mobile flooring and roadway solutions. With its roots in Skien, Norway, the company has dedicated itself to ensuring the optimal utilization of diverse areas and arenas. Over the years, we've grown to be a trusted collaborator for clients spanning a myriad of industries. Proudly representing the USA-based Signature Systems through our agencies in the Nordic region and Latvia, our client base extends across five countries.

Multiarena AS isn’t just another vendor; we're your go-to company for mobile flooring and roadway solutions, a genuine partner geared towards your success, wholly committed to furnishing top-tier solutions tailored for your unique requirements.

Our expertise lies in offering a comprehensive array of products, ranging from mobile flooring suitable for stadiums, park areas, natural grasslands, and artificial turf fields, to dance floors, synthetic ice rinks, and ground protection mats. Furthermore, we provide fencing and security solutions, vital for ensuring safety in these venues.

With robust industry experience, especially in the realm of ground protection mats, we guarantee the best-fit solution for your project. Our unwavering dedication to exceptional service and the provision of premium quality products has culminated in a lengthy roster of satisfied clients. Primarily focusing on the rental and leasing of various machinery, equipment, and tangible goods, we’re adeptly positioned to adapt to your specific needs.

Multiarena AS was founded on July 24, 2009, and officially registered as a company on August 22 of the same year. The company's leadership is in the capable hands of Torgny Lars Bakken, who also serves on the board. Born in 1967, Bakken is a Skien-based leader, actively engaged in political affairs and harboring a passion for sport fishing.

Choose Multiarena AS as your collaborative partner, placing your needs and project success in the driving seat.

Customer Projects

Elton John Concert - Skagerak Arena

Multiarena AS holds its primary agency from Signature Systems LLC. We embarked on our journey in 2008, and our very first challenge was covering the Odd Stadium for an Elton John concert.

We successfully employed UltraDeck 2 and EventDeck 1 products. Subsequent to this accomplishment, we were granted an exclusive agency by Signature Systems LLC, following an agreement with the company’s founder, Arnon Rosen, and its Vice President, Jason Frew. You can listen to Jason discuss our industry and business in this podcast:

It's a great pleasure to be entrusted once again as the supplier of ArmorDeck3 for Color Line Stadium; most recently in connection with Green Day's concert at the stadium on June 9th.

Green Day made use of Europe's largest stage, and ArmorDeck once again proved its worth in making a grand event come to life.

Multiarena AS is delighted to be a supplier for the national camp of the KFUK-KFUM Scouts, which is being held in Forsand, situated in the romantic natural surroundings in the Lysefjord. Here, Multiarena AS is contributing by laying down ArmorDeck3 as flooring both in the sports hall and in the surrounding tents, also creating driveways to various locations. The scouts' "ants" were on site to set up ahead of the major influx, and deserve public praise for their strong work ethic. Multiarena AS recognizes the value of having a background in the Scouts when adding to one's resume. Multiarena AS thanks the KFUK-KFUM Scouts for the assignment and wishes everyone the best for the national camp!

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Powerful ground protection mats that can withstand heavy vehicles and heavy loads!


Supports the heaviest loads over the toughest terrain in the most challenging environments.


Strong mobile road for access and transport. Shaped to terrain and withstands heavy vehicles.


Powerful ground protection mats that can withstand heavy vehicles and heavy loads!