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Ground Protection Mats: The Ultimate Solution for Surface Preservation and Cost Savings

Our "Ground Protection Mats" products


Powerful ground protection mats that can withstand heavy vehicles and heavy loads!


Supports the heaviest loads over the toughest terrain in the most challenging environments.


Strong mobile road for access and transport. Shaped to terrain and withstands heavy vehicles.


Powerful ground protection mats that can withstand heavy vehicles and heavy loads!

Ground Protection Mats from Multiarena - The Market's Largest Product Portfolio.

Leading supplier of ground protection mats / road plates with powerful solutions for the construction market.

Multiarena offers various systems for ground protection mats that cater to a growing market for different types of protective mats with a broad range of solutions!

The company's extensive portfolio of mobile flooring can be suitable for creating temporary driving zones over vulnerable terrain. DuraDeck ground protection mats/road plates, Signa Road terrain protection mats and MegaDeck rig mats complement the contractor market with extremely durable plates for use by road and landscape contractors.

Whether it's for a sole proprietorship with a mini excavator, a landscaping gardener, or a national or international conglomerate with multiple business areas, our portfolio provides an ideal foundation for any construction site!

An Indispensable Resource for Stability and Surface Protection

From construction and civil engineering to events and festivals, ground protection mats provide a robust surface for heavy machinery such as excavators, trucks, trailers, dumpers, and lifts. At the same time, they help protect the underlying terrain from damage and vehicle tracks.

These mats can be particularly useful in construction or site areas where there might be uneven terrain, marshland, or other challenging conditions. By distributing the weight of vehicles and equipment over a larger area, the mats protect cobblestones, slate tiles, cables, floors, asphalt, and other surfaces. With ground protection mats, you can easily carry out work in gardens, green spaces, and untouched nature without leaving a mark.

Cost Reduction with Ground Protection Mats

Investing in our ground protection mats will result in significant cost savings in terms of potential repairs and maintenance of both the surface and the machinery fleet. They are time-saving compared to establishing traditional roads. Damage to the surface caused by heavy vehicles or construction machinery can result in significant expenses. These costs may relate to both the restoration of terrain and the replacement of damaged materials such as paving stones, slate tiles, asphalt, and similar.

The largest ground protection mat systems have both an integrated weight distribution system and a locking system that prevents failure at joints. By laying ground protection mats on the surface, the weight of the heavy vehicles or machinery is evenly distributed over a larger area. This minimizes the likelihood of surface damage, thus avoiding the costs associated with repairing such damage. The mats provide a form of insurance against unforeseen expenses related to repairs and maintenance.

With Multiarena’s solutions, you get ground protection mats made of HDPE plastic with a load-bearing capacity of up to 600 psi (42.18 kg/cm2). These mat systems can form a temporary road, a temporary parking area, a helicopter landing pad, a stable work platform for the heaviest cranes and construction equipment, and more. They can also be established on both marsh and snow.

Made of high-density HDPE, the products contain specialized fillers that make the ground protection mats very strong. UV and anti-static additives ensure that these composite plates withstand heavy constructions and vehicles, ensuring a long lifespan. Multiarena's ground protection mats are UV-resistant, can be easily washed, stored, and transported to the next construction site. The mats can be used year after year and provide a good return on investment.

In the demanding Nordic terrain and under harsh weather conditions, these robust protection mats should be an indispensable part of any construction project. They are designed to protect vulnerable ground and surfaces and ensure that heavy vehicles can move safely and efficiently. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of ground protection mats for sale or rent, you have come to the right place. We have long experience in the industry and offer a wide range of ground protection mats for any need and at competitive prices.

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Questions and answers

Multiarena boasts a broad assortment of ground protection mats suitable for temporary construction sites, parking lots, and event venues. Their range includes DuraDeck Mats, Signa Road Mats, MegaDeck Rig Mats, and mobile flooring systems, all meticulously crafted to shield vulnerable areas like lawns, parks, gardens, wetlands, and beachfronts. These durable products can endure heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions and are straightforward to install and dismantle. Customized solutions are available to cater to your specific needs, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

The ground protection mats are constructed from high-density HDPE and feature specialized fillers to ensure strength and longevity.

Protection mats can be used to create a temporary road, parking area, or work platform for the heaviest cranes and construction equipment to avoid damage to the surface.

Multiarena's protection mats can support weights up to 600 psi (42.18 kg/cm2).

Yes, they are simple to clean, store, and transfer to the subsequent job site.