Rental business

Multiarena's rental business

Multiarena AS has developed one of Europe's largest rental pools for mobile floors, with approximately 70000m2 (752500ft2 or 17+ acres) in our total portfolio. Our rental pool of license plates is also growing.

We have rental depots in scattered locations around the Nordic and Baltic countries, and therefore also have good conditions to be able to find a solution that is transport-optimizing for our customers.

With plates fit for driving and rig mats from Multiarena AS, you can use heavy vehicles and machines over vulnerable terrain, avoid mud conditions and at the same time provide better protection and working conditions for both crew and construction machinery. Multiarena's tread plate systems provide optimal basic protection for lawns and park areas.




Mobile Flooring

Here you will find solutions to protect both artificial grass, natural grass and ice areas - as well as solutions for all types of tent industry.

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Plates fit for driving

Multiarena has solutions for running boards with a weight-bearing capacity of up to 600 psi. These plate systems can form a temporary road and a stable working platform for the heaviest cranes and construction equipment, while at the same time providing a firmly connected and stable surface for the entire construction area.

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Artificial ice

Our ice / skating rinks can be used at both indoor and outdoor events. Add an extra dimension to Kick-offs, product launches or other events. Only the imagination sets limits! Contact us for rentals for everything from 1-day events to major trade fairs and festivals. There are also opportunities for seasonal rentals. All you need is an open space indoors or outdoors with a flat surface. Assembly and disassembly is quick and easy. We supply the course with gloves and accessories if desired. Of course, we also supply skates, grinders and other related items. Contact us so we can help you with concepts that make your event extra fun for all ages.



We have the right dance floor to get the party off to a good start at the next big event you are going to have. Everything from vinyl to oak parquet. These dance floors are quick to install and dismantle, are easy to clean and can be reused for many years.



Protection systems for gyms and sports halls. Create a good impression for your next event by using special floors and bases from Multiarena! We have something for every taste, and for every need!

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Preparations for the next big event often start with a good foundation. Multiarena offers several types of first-class tent and event floors that are designed to meet the needs of all floor sizes, large or small, while providing proper protection for lawns and other types of sensitive surfaces.