Mobile Sport Floor

Mobile Sport Floor

Wide product portfolio:

Multiarena has the pleasure of offering a broad portfolio of mobile sports floors, developed, produced and adapted for many different sports.

Great market flexibility:

As a potential customer, you are also given great flexibility, as the solutions can be procured with a patented shock-absorbing base to satisfy international federal requirements for the professional market.

However, the two-part system provides greater opportunities for grassroots sports, in that more people can afford to establish a track in connection with a school or an existing sports facility.

Solutions for both indoor and outdoor use:

A mobile sports floor from Multiarena can be installed outdoors or indoors. The products that are installed outdoors have a perforation, so that the mobile sports floor drains water away.

Practical and quality advantages of sports tiles:

It is worth noting that the mobile sports floors from Multiarena AS stand out from many other types that arrive on a roll, which are heavy to handle, and which often have to be lost. In contrast to this, the mobile sports floors from Multiarena AS consist of tiles, which are often delivered in square meters of laying flakes. Tape is not required.

The mobile sports floors from Multiarena AS are very durable and very advantageous for the operating economy. Not only do you save costs for special tape, but if damage to the floor should occur, you only replace the damaged tile of the floor, and the floor is completely repaired! No waiting! No need to call in external expertise for floor repairs!

Multiarena's mobile sports floor is produced by Sports Partner in Portugal. It is no coincidence that the manufacturer has chosen to produce the mobile floors in the form of tiles. Many people are aware that sports that require abrupt stops and turns increase the risk of wear and tear for ankle joints and knees. The mobile floors from Sports Partner prevents further against such injuries, by allowing a marginal displacement in the floor during such abrupt movements. The floor is created to give in, as the weak point, instead of the weak and resilient point being the tendons and joints of the practitioners. In a possible combination with the choice of a shock-absorbing surface, this gives the athletes an optimal quality.