Plates fit for driving

The market's largest product portfolio

Multiarena's various license plate systems meet a growing market for different types of license plates with a wide range of solutions!

From our already broad portfolio of mobile floors that can be used to create temporary driving zones over flat terrain, DuraDeck Mats, Signa Road Mats and MegaDeck Rig Mats complement the construction market with very strong road plates for use by road contractors and landscape contractors. 

Multiarena's portfolio provides an ideal basis for any construction site. Be it for the one-man company with mini excavators, the landscape gardener, or for a national or international group with several business areas! 

Multiarena has solutions for road plates with weight-bearing capacity of up to 600 psi (42.18 kg / cm2).
 These plate systems can form a temporary road, a temporary car park, or a stable work platform for the heaviest cranes and construction equipment.

The high-density HDPE products contain specialized fillers that make the travel plates very strong. UV and anti-static additives ensure that these composite sheets can withstand heavy constructions and vehicles and are given a long service life. Multiarena's drive plates can be easily washed, stored and sent to the next construction site. The boards can be used year after year and give a good return on investment.

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Powerful road plates that can withstand heavy vehicles and heavy loads!


Supports the heaviest loads over the toughest terrain in the most challenging environments.


Strong mobile road for access and transport. Shaped to terrain and withstands heavy vehicles.


First-class system for building an access road on flat and level areas.