Synthetic ice rinks - go ice skating all year round

With a synthetic ice rink from Multiarena, you can skate 365 days a year, regardless of whether the rink is located outdoors or indoors. Our synthetic ice gives a very authentic ice course feeling and almost the same glide as ordinary ice. The feeling is like on a regular ice rink.

Our ice panels are very suitable for ice hockey, ice dancing and skating. They are made for curling and other ice activities. It is actually so durable that it can serve as a winter track for Gokart. 

Our ice panel is really a Multi purpose arena, the plates are non-slip and can also be used for activities with sneakers on! Or why not put a cover on top, fill it with sand and have a beach handball tournament. Only the imagination sets limits!

Only the imagination sets limits!

Our ice panels are modules of about 2 square meters (21,5 square feet) with a weight of about 37 kg (81lbs). They can be customized from the factory in all shapes and forms. In addition, they are very easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows you to create an ice rink exactly where you want and how you want! No electricity, water or cooling is required! Suitable both as a permanent course, temporary seasonal course, or as a pop-up course in connection with events.

The areas of application are unlimited, year-round ice rinks can be created in cities, shopping malls, training tracks for ice hockey clubs, events, amusement parks, or just a small training area at home in the garden. An ice rink from Multiarena can be used wherever there is a flat and firm surface.

We are of course with you throughout the entire process from design to completion!

Multiarena delivers ice panel from Greenice - The best the market can offer

Greenice has many years of experience in the production of synthetic ice rinks and is one of Europe's leading players in the market. Greenice has spent a lot of time and money on developing and improving the product. Greenice is developed in Switzerland and is produced by the renowned manufacturer SIMONA in Germany. You can therefore be sure that the synthetic ice rink delivered from Multiarena is the best the market can offer. We are so confident in the quality that a 10-year factory warranty is offered. Synthetic ice sheets from Greenice are CE- and ISO-certified.

Very high quality and durability


Synthetic ice from Multiarena and Greenice - an environmentally friendly alternative

  • Greenice panels are produced sustainably, since production residues and worn / used panels are recycled and used in new production.
  • Greenice synthetic ice rink has a life cycle of 15 - 20 years, and is 100% recyclable. Factory warranty is 10 years.
  • No need for energy or coolant.
  • No need for chemical agents.



Commercial ice rink for municipalities and shopping centers

Commercial ice rinks are becoming more and more popular in shopping malls and in the city center. The competition from online shopping means that businesses use entertainment offers to get customers physically to the store / center instead of online shopping. Very popular with kids! Typical opportunities are found outside or in shopping malls, in leisure parks and activity parks. Many municipalities want their own ice rinks. With a synthetic ice rink, the season is extended to the whole year if desired. Remember that the course can be both indoors and outdoors.

Play and adventure

Synthetic ice rinks are also popular in connection with tourist attractions such as zoos, water parks and various playgrounds, as well as in pure adventure concepts. We have no doubt that a year-round synthetic skating rink will be an excellent and popular arena for children and families with children, connected to most of the country's hotels and adventure parks. Contact us further with your ideas and we will help you develop a winning concept!

Ice field

More and more children and young people have a physically inactive everyday life. Computer games, the internet and an increasing number of TV channels keep children indoors and sedentary. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to facilitate stimulating local environmental facilities for children and young people who invite to play, sports and physical activity. The foundation for good activity habits is laid early. It should therefore be in everyone's interest to help establish a versatile upbringing and outdoor environment that makes children happy to use the body at the same time as it provides useful mobility training. Children have different prerequisites and must be given challenges and choices based on different levels of development. An ice rink provides all these possibilities!


Our ice rinks are also excellent for curling. Here you have the opportunity to make this popular sport available to a larger audience.
We can supply full-size courses with professional equipment, or smaller and custom courses with simpler equipment. You decide how - we deliver!

Training and match arena for hockey clubs

Most ice hockey clubs struggle with a lack of ice time for their athletes, especially in the youth and width departments. With a synthetic ice rink, the club gets a very cost-effective and good alternative to precisely these groups. We can also supply special courses for technique, shooting and special training.
Remember that no water, electricity or cooling is required. Contact us for a closer discussion about size and design.

Event and rental

A synthetic ice rink can be used at both indoor and outdoor events. Add an extra dimension to Kick-offs, product launches or other events. Only the imagination sets limits!
Contact us for rentals for everything from 1-day events to major trade fairs and festivals. There are also opportunities for seasonal rentals. All you need is an open space indoors or outdoors with a smooth surface. Assembly and disassembly is quick and easy. We can also supply the course with gloves and accessories. Of course we also deliver skates and other things that come with it. Contact us so we can help you with concepts that make your event extra fun for all ages.

Fences and other securing objects

We supply used in all varieties. We have won approval from the International Ice Hockey Association for professional players, but we also have solutions for you who want a training ground in the garden. For commercial players, we have many variants of fencing and securing that can be individually adapted. Get in touch, with us it is only the imagination that sets the limits!

Ice skates and other accessories

We have what it takes to have a complete facility. Whether it's a hockey training ground or an ice rink at a mall.
We deliver skates specially adapted to synthetic skating rinks, of course with an accompanying grinding machine and suitable storage.
We have all the equipment for maintenance of the track, such as washing machines and other things. With us you get everything from one supplier!
Hos oss får du alt fra en leverandør !

Ice rink at home

As a private person, you should also have the opportunity to buy a custom arena from Multiarena AS for indoor or outdoor use. Design your own skating rink for hockey exercises, skating technique, figure skating, play and fun. If you have a flat area in a large garden, you can really surprise the children with a unique gift that stimulates increased physical activity where you live! Contact us for a discussion about prerequisites and solutions.