High quality mobile dance floor

We have the right dance floor to get the party off to a good start at the next big event you are going to have. 

These dance floors are quick to install and dismantle, are easy to clean and can be reused for many years.

Create an elegant dance floor quickly and easily with DanceDeck®. DanceDeck are small dance floorboards that can be easily installed without tools, are lightweight and provide good stability.

Durable dance floor tiles are practical and lightweight.

Dance Deck modular floor tiles are 30.48cm x 30.48cm x 1.27cm (12x12x0,5in), weigh less than 907gr (2lbs) each, and use a simple, 7-loop Click Coupling system. DanceDeck tiles consist of 2 layers - the top layer is a vinyl laminated wax-free tile that looks and feels like real wood. The dance floor foundation is made of polypropylene copolymer. It is specially shaped to form a board for the top layer, so that it is firmly attached to the foundation. This plastic tray offers many advantages - it is water-repellent, fits most surfaces, provides a durable coupling system, and makes the tile easy and manageable. A weight-bearing rib pattern with channels on the underside provides extra stability on soft or uneven surfaces, and also provides effective drainage when used outdoors. 


DanceDeck's simple click coupling system makes quick installation without tools possible. Anyone can mount this mobile dance floor. A 3,658m x 3,658m (12x12ft) dance floor can be installed by 2 people in 30 minutes! To make it even easier, DanceDeck is shipped in pre-assembled 91.44cm x 91.44cm (36x36in) panel parts. Our patented 7-loop connections (most loops per tile on the market) provide the easiest and safest connection of all mobile dance floors on the market. See Installation Schedule and Instructions. 

Signature benefits



Sloping edgings

DanceDeck edgings and corner pieces provide a smooth transition to the ground to avoid tripping and cover the connecting loops for an elegant, complete dance floor. DanceDeck edging is available in black polypropylene. There are two types of edging - moldings and corner pieces. To complete your floor, you must order both. The edging is of the same length as the dance floor tiles (30.48cm x 6.35cm / 12x2,5in)

Cleaning and maintenance

DanceDeck mobile dance floor is easy to clean and maintain with any standard urethane floor washing product.

Transport trolley

A custom Transport Trolley is available - which significantly reduces installation and disassembly time. It can also be used as a storage trolley. DanceDeck Transport Trolley is specially designed to accommodate the 91.44cm x 91.44cm (36x36in) panel parts. See specifications.



Modular Vinyl Tiles for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Modular laminate tile dance floor with wood feel

DanceDeck Standard is ideal for home use, hotels and motels looking for a practical dance floor for special occasions, dance studios looking for a light travel or rehearsal floor, trade fairs, exhibitions, and temporary shop exhibitions. The dance floor looks like real wood, but is cleaned like a simple vinyl tile. DK is easy to install, clean, transport and store - simply the most practical mobile dance floor on the market.


DanceDeck vinyl laminate tiles are available in 4 colors: Dark wood, light wood, black, and white. Edge strip is available in black. DanceDeck is easy to clean and maintain with any standard wax-free vinyl cleaner. 

Dark Wood

Light Wood






Lockable parquet of real wood, for indoor dance floor

Dance floor in oak with durable plastic base

Modular oak parquet tiles that form a spectacular dance floor instant DanceDeck Deluxe (DKX) are for those who are looking for a dance floor in real wood, but who do not need a system with large panels. DKX offers the spectacular look of real wood, oak parquet combined with the durability and practical nature of a polypropylene base. 

Each DKX modular tile consists of two layers - the top layer is real oak parquet. DanceDeck Deluxe's ​​foundation is made of polypropylene copolymer.