Portable and temporary fences

Lightweight and easy to carry, SportPanel® fences are designed to be installed in minutes. The fence elements can be easily moved, and the patented, strong material is designed to provide many years of use.

This portable fence can be used to display banners and billboards and easily creates a temporary barrier to control crowds and traffic. SportPanel is an economical and durable solution for when a temporary fence is needed, regardless of the event.

Very noticeable

Each fence has a vibrant yellow top that increases visibility.


These joints allow the fence frame to be bent and folded flat to the ground by impact. Each SportPanel fence with TechnoTip ™ is equipped with two specially designed elbow connections that are attached to the fence's support foot.

Transport and storage

A special trolley is the most suitable for transporting and storing these portable fences. When you are ready to set up the fence, you can just roll it out. The SportPanel trolley can be connected to almost any vehicle (tractor, mower or ATV) with a trailer hitch.



Module size 10’ 6” L x 48” H (3.2 m x 121.92 cm)

Ramme diameter: 50.8 mm

Vekt: 22 lbs (9.98kg)

Farge: White piping standard, yellow top. White or Black mesh options.

Framework UV Inhibited, Titanium Dioxide additive, high impact, compounded PVC frame and fittings, 1.25” schedule 40 pipe.
Mesh interior UV protected, polypropylene copolymer.
Feet Sliding and removable foot system for safety, versatility and easy storage. Stores compactly in 2” wide area due to removable foot system. Foot may be staked to ground yet panel will break-a-way as required.

Security Meets ASTM 8 (Appendix A) F 2000 “Standard Guide for Fences for Ball Fields and Other Facilities.”

Warranty 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects