Signature Panel®

Mobile and scalable fences

Signature panel is the world's leading mobile fencing system for special events, VIP areas and audience control. Signature Panels are used at events around the world. From PGA golf tournaments and NASCAR events to stadiums and theme parks.

Each signature panel is durable, maintenance-free, and contains high power modifiers and superior UV inhibitors that increase the life of the fence. Signature panels never need paint and will not rot, become twisted, rust or corrode and are easy to keep clean with standard cleaning solutions.

The signature vinyl panels have no rough surfaces, nails, splinters or sharp edges to injure spectators or participants, which helps to increase health, safety and the environment (HSE) at an event. Signature panels are environmentally friendly, recyclable and non-toxic.

Quick installation

Each fence is easy to maneuver and can be mounted in a few minutes without tools and with a minimum of labor. Signature panel has a unique connection system, which makes it possible to connect the fences at all angles and on both sides. The legs can be adjusted for unevenness in the terrain and also have pre-drilled holes for more permanent attachments. The legs of the signature panel can also be swung and folded flat during storage and transport.

Convenient connection system

The fasteners are hidden under decorative posts. These connect the fences to each other in three different angles and directions to maximize stability and versatility. Slight slack allows for a curved look when needed.

Fasteners and wires are permanently mounted on the fences to prevent them from disappearing during installation and disassembly. Just set up the fences, lift up the top cover on the posts, and slide the fastening cable into the groove that best suits the angle you want, and put the top cover back on.

Compact storage

When the fences are not in use, you can just stack them indoors or outdoors and possibly tie them together for compact storage and transport.