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High quality from Palmer Snyder Furniture

The craft company Palmer Snyder Furniture has over 100 years of experience and was established in Philadelphia, USA in 1919. The company has until recently supported the American market with high quality special furniture for the event industry, hotels and the other commercial furniture market, and over the years has also taken a series of patents; including various links to make everyday life more mobile and easier for owners and end users. Palmer Snyder Furniture continues to place its professional prestige behind the individual product, and it is an honor for Multiarena to be able to offer these products to the European market!

Your main choices

Choose EventXpress Seamless if you want a surface that is matte and looks like wood. This floor combines a base of wood with a surface of vinyl. Multiarena's standard size is 91.44cm x 91.44cm (3x3ft), but other panel sizes are also available. You can choose from as many as eleven different patterns, of which nine are different wood patterns as well as black or white. This floor undergoes a polycoating process so that the modules cannot attract moisture. This dance floor is thus designed to be used outdoors as well as indoors!

If you want a more spectacular look, choose EventXpress Acrylic, which combines the base of wood with a surface of acrylic fibers that gives a glossy surface. Multiarena's standard size is 91.44cm x 121.92cm(3x4ft), but can also be delivered in size 121.92cm x 121.92cm(4x4ft). You can choose from 10 different standard colors. Other RAL colors can be specially ordered. Please note, however, that this dance floor is designed for indoor use only!

Focus on the dance floor connections!

In addition to the tongue and groove of aluminum, both dance floors also have their own robust camlocks that lock the modules in position. An accompanying umbraco stick is used to lock. This system is also completely independent of the module in general, and is not important for the other construction of the dance floor panels.

Other integrated systems that may have aluminum lips that are inserted into an opening are easily twisted and damaged by repeated work processes, and there is a risk of having to send the entire module for repair or replacement due to a broken coupling. With the solution from Palmer Snyder, you get increased operational reliability and a more secure operating economy; as you can replace any damaged camlock yourself

All aluminum used in Palmer Snyder's coupling system is also of the same high quality as used in the aviation industry, of so-called anodised aluminum.

Camlock locks the modules in position

Framing of the dance floor

DanceDeck De Luxe - EventXpress comes with a frame in the colors gold or silver. However, the small corner modules are made of soft urethane, to eliminate sharp edges, and are available in the colors black or gray.

Product variants



Seamless (Wood)

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